“Some give by going to the missions. Some go by giving to the missions. Without both, there is no mission.”

Why Donate?

If you have ever had a longing in your heart for mission, but have never had the opportunity to participate, this is your chance to be actively involved.  Your dollars directly enable students to answer the call to be missionaries.  By financially supporting FOCUS Missions, you are making one of the most strategic investments possible in our Catholic Faith.

If you have any questions about donating to FOCUS Missions, please don’t hesitate to contact [email protected].

By the numbers:

  1. Most trips have one participant enter a religious vocation after their FOCUS mission experience
  2. More than two students per trip decide to apply to become FOCUS missionaries on college campuses across the United States after their FOCUS mission experience
  3. An innumerable amount of students have come to know and believe in Christ and His Church through firsthand experiences on mission or the graces of somebody who was affected by a FOCUS mission touching their life.

Please consider donating to our department or a specific mission trip.

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Your donation will be used to help send students on life-changing mission trips!

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Also consider that, in a certain sense, because charity builds authentic relationship, and authentic relationship is essential to evangelization, it could be asserted that charity and serving the poor represents the path of implementation for the New Evangelization.