Let Us Accompany You: Resources for COVID-19 Isolation

It goes without saying: We are presently living in strange times. While the coronavirus has interrupted our work routines, our daily activities and our ability to come together and worship as a community of faith, FOCUS is determined continue to walk alongside our students, partners, friends and entire FOCUS family in daily prayer, the sacraments and opportunities for virtual fellowship.

We recognize more than ever that it is Christ’s mercy we can rely upon in any troubling situation. He is the source of our strength, hope and peace, and any difficulties we face during this pandemic is an opportunity for God to bring about a greater good.

Below, you’ll find a compilation of resources to help you through this time. As we each strive and struggle to find a new “normal” despite the changes around us, we in FOCUS ask you to remember above all: You are not alone. You are loved. As God’s family we are here for you, praying for you and are ready to provide as many resources as we can to help strengthen you in faith and accompany you during these challenging days.

Back to School

Whether you are headed back to campus or attending classes from home, FOCUS will be there! Get in touch with your missionaries for more information on how to get involved. Not on a FOCUS campus? Contact our Digital Outreach team.

Keeping Holy the Sabbath

Gather together with us in Spirit for Sunday Mass. Links to livestreamed Masses are available below.

Mass on EWTN

  • 8:00 a.m. ET (live)
  • 12 p.m. ET (encore)
  • 7 p.m. ET (encore, Monday – Saturday only)


Live Mass, daily rosary, online Bible study and other resources.

Prayer for Spiritual Communion

How Can We Pray For You?

The early Christians prayed with and for each other in a spirit of intense fellowship, united both by their mission and their sacrifices. Right now, we can pray in fellowship on behalf of each other. Share with us your prayer requests and let us know how we can lift you up to God in prayer.

Some Quality Time With God

As Pope Francis told the faithful in Italy earlier in March, “Don’t waste these difficult days.” While we continue to encounter the Lord during this season of Lent, take advantage of this opportunity to invest more deeply in prayer and your personal formation.

From the Blog



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Audio Talks

Fr. Robert Spitzer — Suffering and the Love of God

Sr. Bethany Madonna — The Power of God in Weakness


Three Encouragements from a FOCUS Missionary

Tori Vissat from the Freedom Project in FOCUS

Fr. Mike Schmitz — The Hour That Will Change Your Life

Jennifer Fulwiler — How I Found Truth as an Atheist

Pursuing Holy Leisure

As many have discovered, binge-watching TV shows and playing video games aren’t enough to fill the hours of isolation, and they won’t provide the rest and reassurance our souls need during these times. While in a state of quarantine, take an opportunity for holy leisure with these book, movie and podcast suggestions.



  • Abiding Together
  • All Things Catholic
  • Catholic Stuff You Should Know
  • Clerically Speaking
  • Fr. Mike Schmitz
  • Lanky Guys
  • Pints with Aquinas


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