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We are currently on over 150 college campuses across the nation reaching students, meeting them where they are, and introducing them to the message of the Gospel. However - there are thousands of other students who are not attending a FOCUS campus. Our role as Digital Campus missionaries is to provide that same mentorship opportunity to students without missionaries on their campus! The New Evangelization includes the digital space and we hope to work with you in this mission!


We meet with students for at least an hour a week for the entire academic year. This is the most important (and most fun!) part of our job. If you're interested in mentorship and becoming a missionary disciple on your campus, fill out the application link below!

Our applications are open from August 1 - September 14, and again January 1 - February 14. If you have an immediate question or concern send an email to [email protected] or [email protected] .

Connecting students to resources

Want a podcast designed to help you meditate in a noisy dorm room? We've got you covered. Want to download Bible studies, talks, and videos on your smart phone? There's an app for that. And if there wasn't, we might just make one. 

Luke Hellwig

Shoot me a text at 92885614439288561443 or email [email protected]

Diana Lopez

Shoot me a text at 210-667-8740210-667-8740 or email [email protected]

Caitlin Wojtasek

Shoot me a text at 40241627184024162718 or email [email protected]

Augustine Martin

Shoot me a text at 97059081689705908168 or email [email protected]

Daniel Rhoda

Shoot me a text at 218-838-9137218-838-9137 or email [email protected]

Kelsey McCann

Shoot me a text at 712-212-8540712-212-8540 or email [email protected]

Emily Cates

Shoot me a text at 303-845-0623303-845-0623 or email [email protected]

Thuan Le

Shoot me a text at 509-460-7871509-460-7871 or email [email protected]

Catie Oleszko

Shoot me a text at 970-631-3294970-631-3294 or email [email protected]

Mary Schaefer

Shoot me an email at [email protected]

Go on a mission trip

We're all about bringing hope to the world. Whether you have a heart for the local community or you have your eyes set on making a global impact, you can shake up your break by going on an adventure!

Our deepest hungers are not for food and drink, not for amusements and recreations, not for property and wardrobes, not for notoriety and gossip. We hunger for truth, we thirst to drink beauty, we yearn to celebrate, we stretch out to love and be loved. This is why anything less than everything is not enough.

- Father Thomas Dubay

Get involved

You're made for greatness. We need champions for this mission of changing the world one person at a time.

Challenge accepted?