Formation Opportunities

Pope Benedict XVI spoke prophetically when he proclaimed that a spiritual desert is spreading in the world. FOCUS retreats help to offer a spiritual oasis in that desert, offering the chance for faithful Catholics to step aside and dedicate a weekend to prayer and our Lord. They are also good for those who are new in their conversions or who are questioning their faith.

FOCUS offers two types of retreat: the Spiritual Impact Boot Camp and the Father’s House. Each retreat speaks to a particular part of the spiritual life. Read the descriptions below to explore the theme of each retreat and some of the activities that take place on each.

Spiritual Impact Boot Camp

Pope Benedict XVI once said: “[T]he Spirit of the Lord always remembers every individual, and wishes, particularly through you young people, to ‘stir up the wind and fire’ of a new Pentecost in the world.”

The Spiritual Impact Boot Camp retreat is a place where retreatants can come to experience this new Pentecost. The Holy Spirit is still alive and active in our world today, and retreatants on the Spiritual Impact Boot Camp have the opportunity to learn and meditate on the truths of the Spirit — and even more importantly, to experience Him in a deeper, richer way.

Several talks are offered on the retreat along with significant time for personal prayer and adoration, prayer for healing, Mass, confession and small-group time.

The Father’s House

Since the beginning of time, God has always revealed Himself as a loving Father, but in so many ways we fail to see that truth. We can see Him as a taskmaster, overseer, impersonal judge or any number of other images. We fail to see Him correctly because our view is broken.

The Father’s House retreat helps retreatants to reflect on the truth of God’s fatherhood and to come face to face with the human weakness that prevents us from accepting that truth. This retreat consists of several talks, personal prayer with a series of meditations, significant time in small groups to discuss the themes and prayer times during the retreat, adoration, prayer for healing, a special blessing ceremony and the sacraments of Mass and confession.

From Retreatants

“This weekend completely changed my life spiritually. I went from knowing who Jesus is and what He has done for me to feeling His love for me. I’ve never felt so loved by Him before. Before this retreat I was struggling with seeing anything lovable in me, but now I know that Jesus loves me more than I understand — and that is all that matters, too.”

“I experienced God and most especially the Holy Spirit in a way and on a level that I never thought I would. I feel my heart has been set on fire by the Holy Spirit…”