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Developing the Complete Athlete

Mind, Body, and Soul.

“Sport, rightly understood … makes the mind itself a more refined instrument for the search and communication of truth and helps man to achieve that end to which all others must be subservient, the service and praise of his Creator.” — Pope Pius XII

Student athletes like you face unique challenges. There are so many pressures to excel in academics and in your arena.

Enter Varsity Catholic. We are a group of missionaries on campus who were, at some point, varsity athletes in college. We know a thing or two about your fierce dedication to your sport as you balance your other life commitments. You have a special opportunity to bring much-needed change in the world. If you're a student-athlete on campus, search our list of campuses. We'd love to meet you!

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The Varsity Catholic app
The Varsity Catholic app has been designed to feature content relevant to you and to your busy life in the athletic world. Browse the video and audio sections for inspiration on the bus, or read through our meditations and formation content to help you pray and learn when you have the time.

Also, no matter where you are, we have linked the Catholic Directory to help you find Mass and Confession.

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Mission Camps

Varsity Catholic Mission Camps provide a unique opportunity to bring the faith together with sports to serve impoverished youth around the globe. These trips are designed for student-athletes. They include hosting and facilitating a sports camp while sharing the gospel of Jesus Christ.


Are you a Catholic coach at the collegiate level? Join our Coalition of Catholic Coaches.

For High School Athletes

If you are a graduating senior going to play collegiate athletics and would like support living your faith through that experience, we would love to support you! Contact us at [email protected]

Letter from the Vatican

The Vatican office for Church and Sport wrote to athletes attending our SLS20 conference, encouraging them in their outreach to their teams in their sport

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