Summer Projects Curriculum

Curriculum Overview

The mission of FOCUS is ­­­­to know Christ Jesus and to fulfill His great commission. FOCUS pursues this mission by promoting divine intimacy, authentic friendship and spiritual multiplication. It’s important that we understand these three things.

Divine intimacy lies at the heart of FOCUS’ culture and charism. We have to know Christ before we can share Him with others. How do we become intimate with Christ? This intimacy with Jesus parallels the sort of intimacy we experience with other people, especially our friends. Just like ordinary friendships, it’s important that we spend time with Jesus in prayer and the sacraments.

Authentic friendships are friendships of integrity in which we experience God’s love and through which we’re drawn more deeply into that love. Good friendships help cultivate one’s relationship with God.

Finally, spiritual multiplication is the method by which we imitate Jesus, who invested in a few and commissioned them to do the same. FOCUS sees a deep connection between spiritual multiplication and everything else that it promotes. 

These three things — divine intimacy, authentic friendship and spiritual multiplication — serve as the cornerstones for the entire Summer Projects experience.

Accompanied  by missionaries and student leaders, students at Summer Projects will participate in daily Mass, regular spiritual direction and confession. Finally, students will complete a spiritual and intellectual curriculum which includes these four elements:

  1. Discipleship Articles. Participants will read from "Foundations for Discipleship" articles consistently throughout the summer in small groups. Highlighted articles include The Gospel, In the Dust of the Rabbi, Moral Authority and the Big 3. We begin with foundations of the Catholic faith.

  2. Individual Reading. The summer curriculum consists of works by Fr. Jacques Philippe, homilies from Popes, exhortations and much more.

  3. Speaker Series. We aim to provide topics that are central to the teachings of the Catholic faith, are relevant to contemporary spirituality and pertinent to the mission of FOCUS. The topics aim to aid students in knowing the "why" to "what" we believe.   

  4. Bible Study. Groups will meet to go through FOCUS' Story of Salvation study. Students will take turns leading the small group so as to better lead their own bible studies back on campus. We aim to transfer the Word into daily reading.

The schedule for the 2022 Summer Projects will resemble curriculum from previous years. For a sample of a previous curriculum schedule and speaker series, check out the link below.