Summer Projects Frequently Asked Questions


Summer Projects is a time for prayer and mission. We ask that you do not begin any new romantic relationships during the time you are serving at Summer Projects; if you are currently in a relationship, we ask that you make conscious efforts to be present to your brothers and sisters at Summer Projects. Practically speaking, we ask that you simply respect the boundaries of other opposite-gender participants. Spending too much time with another participant will distract both of you from Summer Projects. If you find yourself spending an inordinate amount of time (in person, via phone, by text, etc.) with a single person of the opposite gender, you may consider giving each other a little more space and time with other students.

NOTE: None of these actions are, in themselves, bad or sinful! They can lead to confusion, attachment and heartbreak, which could make it difficult for you to give your summer entirely to God. While it may seem silly, avoiding these types of behaviors can help you guard your heart and those of your brothers and sisters. If you’re already in a relationship prior to Summer Projects, we simply ask that you don’t allow your relationship to interfere with the Summer Projects group and/or logistical dynamics. 


The application is easy. Simply click the “Apply Now” button on the home page of this website. This will direct you to the FOCUS Missions application page (which Summer Projects uses to capture and process applications). When asked which program you’d like to apply for, simply click “Summer Projects” in the drop-down menu. As you continue with the application, you may disregard any questions that seem to pertain to international mission trips.     


The best thing you can do to increase your chances of acceptance is to apply early! Summer Projects is a competitive program, so the earlier you apply, the better! Outside of this, we are looking for students who are (1) excited about the faith and (2) humble enough to allow themselves to be formed by the program.  


Most of our locations will allow you to request another student as your roommate for the summer. If you don’t know any other FOCUS students, you may wish to find one using social media (most locations create a Facebook group).  Once you choose your roommate(s), you should make your request by sending an email to the human resources office at your location, stating your name, arrival date and who you would like to request as a roommate. All roommate requests must be mutual, so the other party(ies) must also make a request. Roommate and housing requests are considered but never guaranteed.


You will not need to have a car at any point this summer. FOCUS will provide transportation to all official Summer Projects activities. That said, a vehicle could come in handy. You will have a fair amount of free time this summer, during which you may choose to drive to any of the local points of interest. So, though it isn’t required, having a car may include some perks, and you will be provided a place to park.


All food and lodging will be covered throughout the entirety of the summer. You will not be required to spend any money for any Summer Projects programmed events. You may wish to bring some funds for extra-curricular fun and incidental costs, but these expenses should be minimal.


Each participant at Summer Projects will be offered a fundraising coach to cover the cost of the program. This coach will help students through a time-tested fundraising strategy.


A lot of people wonder about taking time off and vacation during the summer. Is this possible? Yes, but we encourage you to do it sparingly, and we discourage you from leaving for more than a week at any point in the summer. Further, every time you are gone you run the risk of missing important talks, events and general programming. You are responsible for arranging your own travel.