Summer Projects

Applications open now!

Applications Now Open!

Growing in Faith

Encounter God through the sacraments, spiritual direction and prayer this summer. Divine intimacy lies at the heart of FOCUS’ culture and charism. We have to know Christ before we can share Him with others.


Build personal foundations as a Christian leader through our weekly speaker series, reading curriculum, discussions in bible study, and mentorship with missionaries.

“A summer full of glimpses of heaven.”

— Jacob, Missouri State University


Live out your faith with like-minded students over the course of the summer. Engage in conversations that lead into lifelong mission. Build authentic friendships like never before.

Real World Experience

Engage in a seasonal job for 40 hours a week alongside our summer programming. See the parallels of living out your faith while working a full-time job.


Form a team of supporters to aid in your efforts. Bring friends and family into the mission through prayer and financial support as you participate in this competitive program.

This summer, tackle something extraordinary.