SLS18 Keynotes

Watch and listen to all of the keynotes from this year's SLS18 conference.

Kelsey Skoch: What If You Gave Everything

Why does it matter? Through sharing her personal experience of conversion and challenges, Kelsey will demonstrate how going deeper in Christ and deeper in mission can truly transform the world.

Bishop Robert Barron: Until the Whole World Hears

The need for change in our world starts with a change in ourselves. Bishop Barron will share the need for world-changers who are Spirit-filled Catholic evangelists.

Sarah Swafford: Tearing Down Walls

In a world more connected than ever before, why do we so often feel alone, unsatisfied and empty? We know we need friends, yet building trustworthy friendships can be downright difficult. Sarah takes a deeper look at how striving for holiness and virtue can help tear down walls and lead to true freedom through authentic friendship.

Fr. Mike Schmitz: Why Can't We Be Friends?

What is one of the most significant obstacles to sharing the Gospel? Is it the fear of being wrong? Is it the fear of getting into an argument? Is it the fear of looking stupid? While those are often realities in the life of the hopeful evangelist, Fr. Mike argues that the most significant obstacle to sharing the Gospel is the fact that one is not merely called to share the Gospel, but to share their very life, too. The fear of being transparent, the fear of being generous and the fear of integrity all play a part here. After all, it takes authenticity to have authentic friendships. And this is one of the great deficiencies of our time.

Dr. Edward Sri: Into His Likeness: Be Transformed as a Disciple of Christ

We must remember two basic truths: first, the truth of our weakness, wounds and sins; and second, the truth of our high calling. We are called to be healed and perfected in Christ. Living as a disciple is all about the process of getting from A to B.

Sr. Bethany Madonna, S.V.: "My Father and yours...": Unleashing the Blessing

The word of the Father reveals to us the gifts we’ve already received: “Everything I have is yours.” This longing to be loved and the unrelenting desire to be secure in an intimacy that is whole finds its origin and fulfillment in the Father’s choosing you as His own, embracing you with His blessing.

Curtis Martin: The Method Modeled by the Master

Curtis Martin will share how spiritual multiplication makes it possible for this generation of missionary disciples to address poverty in all its forms and to invite every single person to come to know the love and mercy of Jesus Christ.

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