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Our founder, Curtis Martin, had the rare opportunity to meet Pope St. John Paul II and express to him the hope and vision he had for FOCUS. The Pope listened carefully and simply told Curtis, “Be soldiers.” 

FOCUS missionaries are young adults whose lives have been transformed through an encounter with Jesus Christ. Together, we are answering the Church’s call for a New Evangelization: the call to re-propose the gospel of Jesus Christ to our generation in a way that is relevant to everyday life.

We are college graduates who come from every walk of life. Whether fresh off of campus, out of the workforce, single or married with children, we come from all over the nation to serve the mission of the Church. Since 1998, we have grown from two missionaries on one campus to more than 730 missionaries at 172 locations.

The Mission:

To know Christ Jesus and fulfill the Great Commission. 

The College Campus

College graduates are launched into every other point in our culture: families, parishes, communities and work places. It is during college where the character of the next generation of leaders are formed. We put all our efforts on the college campus because the university is the most strategic place to transform the world. Each year, teams of FOCUS missionaries are sent to college campuses at the invitation of the local bishop and with the support of the local campus ministry.

Our Method of Evangelization


Through authentic friendships that foster an encounter with Jesus Christ, FOCUS draws people into a covenantal relationship with God. FOCUS goes out to meet students wherever they may be on campus — in the dorms, on the fields, in the student union — so that we may invite those students to find the greater meaning of their lives.


Once we have encountered others in friendship, we invite them to go deeper. We form students through Bible studies and discipleship so that they may possess the hearts, minds and habits of joyful, disciplined followers of Jesus. We teach them to pray with Scripture, to participate in the sacraments and to pursue lives of virtue and excellence so that they can become all that God is calling them to be.


While FOCUS walks alongside people on discipleship, we likewise invite them to imitate Jesus and to be Spirit-filled evangelists by going on to win, build and send others. Those who have been sent strive to live out lifelong mission wherever the Lord leads them, sharing the good news with their friends, families, communities, workplaces, and parishes across the nation.

Are you in?

This is not your regular 9-5. This is a life-changing mission. The best part of it all is that we get to do this together. Guided by the Holy Spirit, we work as one family to bring hope to the world. You may find our Recruitment Weekends schedule here

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