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The Fellowship of Catholic University Students. A group of people passionate about changing the world and helping you live a life of purpose. We're on college campuses across the country, so chances are, we're on yours.

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Life is about relationships and sharing experiences. So you'll often find us playing sports, watching movies or going for coffee. Find out how you can get involved with Bible studies, FOCUS Greek and Varsity Catholic and get plugged in.

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We're all about bringing hope to the world. Whether you have a heart for the local community or you have your eyes set on making a global impact, you can shake up your break by going on an adventure!

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Evan Kranda

University of Mary

Madeleine Huber

University of Alabama at Birmingham

Huey and Birgita Griep

Minnesota State University

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Hannah Dragonas

University of Maryland

Ryan Dondalski

Georgia College & State University

Tessa McGartland

University of Illinois

Matthew Rockers

United States Air Force Academy

Liam Coulter

Columbia University

Lacey Schroyer

University of Pennsylvania

Willie & Maria Jansen 

Southern Illinois University Edwardsville

Jeremy Joseph Krygowski

Loras College

Katherine Carlson

Minnesota State University

Niki Bordelon

North Carolina State University

Michael Hynes

Virginia Tech

Camille Robichaux

Texas A&M University

Taylor Lupica

University of California, Irvine

Tori Jara

Angelo State University

Lauren Morris

Northwest Missouri State University

Anthony Sloan

Digital Outreach

Taylor Thompson

Western Washington University

Tess Volanski

Virginia Tech

Sarah Sheehan

Southern Illinois University Edwardsville

Jessica Rutkowski

Northern Michigan University

Branson Schroeder

University of Toledo

Hannah Ousley

University of Wisconsin-La Crosse

Mariana Quetzeri

Texas A&M University - Kingsville

Jessica Brinker

Seton Hall University

Theresa Kern

University of Dusseldorf

Sam Giles

Baylor University 

Madison Rogers

DePauw University

Grace Parke

Colorado State University

Sidney Helms

Digital Outreach

Megan Krueger

University of Nebraska at Kearney

Colin Cummins

United States Coast Guard Academy

Ethan and Alli Holverson

University of Wisconsin-Oshkosh

Christine Cremer

University of Nebraska–Lincoln

Michael Vu

Clemson University

Trent Giglio

Colorado State University

MaKenna Ketter

 South Dakota State University

Guadalupe Bollas

California State University, Northridge

Karissa Dunn (Fjeldheim)

University of Cincinnati

Madison Lucas

Mississippi State University

Matt Mindrup

University of Colorado

Dani Noll

Texas A&M University

Quinlan D'Andrea

Belmont Abbey College

Julia Gannon

University of Massachusetts Amherst

Abigail Vall

Ramapo College

Hopi Graham

 James Madison University

Cooper Dow

Idaho State University

Kami Beliard

University of Southern California

Our deepest hungers are not for food and drink, not for amusements and recreations, not for property and wardrobes, not for notoriety and gossip. We hunger for truth, we thirst to drink beauty, we yearn to celebrate, we stretch out to love and be loved. This is why anything less than everything is not enough.

- Father Thomas Dubay

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