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Welcome to the Hardest Questions - What Is Marriage?

The Hardest Questions series aims to answer some of the difficult questions that college students face and teach them to articule the answers to others. In our first episode, we look at the topic of marriage.

After the legalization of same-sex marriages by the US Supreme Court, the debate surrounding marriage has never been fiercer. More than ever, it is important to know how to articulate why we believe in traditional marriage in a way that anyone can understand. Marriage expert Ryan Anderson calmly and intelligently explains why traditional marriage is critical for the future of our country.

  • Part 1 of the episode can be shown to anyone who is interested in the debate surrounding marriage.
  • Part 2 helps take the points Ryan discusses and teaches you and your students how to articulate them to others.
  • To learn more about this episode, start by watching the first video, What Is Marriage? Part 1 below.
  • To learn how to lead the study for your group, watch the Hardest Questions Leader's Guide below.

Worksheets for this episode are available below

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Part 1 - What Is Marriage?

Part 2 - What Is Marriage?: How to Communicate This Topic to Others

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Introduction to Part 1

Introduction to Part 2

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