Talking Lifelong Mission

In this month's content release, we've got some of the best content from our lifelong mission track at SLS18. These five new, previously unreleased, talks will inspire and equip you for mission in your parishes and for the rest of your life.

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The culture of the average parish is not built for spiritual multiplication. How can you help your students become successful disciple makers after graduation? Learn some simple and practical strategies you can use to help them overcome obstacles and be fruitful wherever they go.

Most of us know that we’re supposed to pray, but we also know that it is often easier said than done. Using the Old Testament, ancient Jewish tradition and Jesus Himself, this talk will explore the roots of prayer and show how you truly can develop the habit of prayer — and make it stick!

We were made for community, but sometimes parish life can feel more like a desert. We will share our experience of life-changing community and provide four simple steps for building incredible community in your parish back home.

Marriage issues — from a struggling marriage to those who are divorced and in a civil marriage — are a constant pastoral struggle for those working to bring all people into a deeper relationship with God. This talk will bring encouragement and practical applications for those who desire to bring the Gospel message to those who may feel they are outside of God’s love or outside of the Church due to an irregular marriage situation.

There are few things more amazing for the missionary disciple than helping others encounter Jesus Christ and become His disciples. Join us as we explore the missionary mandate given to each baptized Christian and embark on the exciting adventure of bearing fruit that will last (John 15:16).

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