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Not on a FOCUS Campus? 10 Tips on Bringing Your Friends to #SEEK2019

We were once in your shoes. Wanting to bring our campus to SEEK … not having FOCUS on your campus … and not knowing where to start. Back in 2016, my campus experienced all of these thoughts when we wanted to bring our Catholic community from Wisconsin to San Antonio, Texas for SEEK2017. Through God’s providence and a lot of hard work, we were able to bring around 30 people (from two non-FOCUS campuses) to the event that forever changed the hearts in our campus Newman Centers. We know you have the ability to do the same! So to help you out, here are 10 tips for bringing your campus to SEEK:

  1. Start Early - Earlier than you’d think! We started laying out a plan to attend SEEK in September, but we wish we had done more of the legwork in the summertime. As we all know, semesters fly by fast, so organizing as soon as possible helps a ton.  Be bold and confident that this is something you want to do!
  2. Talk to the Campus Minister Ask them if they would be willing to help promote SEEK. They may be able to help with fundraising ideas like bake sales, scholarships, or writing letters to people who could support you. Our school’s campus minister and priest aided us tremendously in figuring out transportation and lodging. Having their assistance took a lot of pressure off us to have everything figured out on our own.
  3. Have someone be a SEEK Ambassador - This is an amazing opportunity that FOCUS gives to campuses who wish to bring people to SEEK. FOCUS will aid ambassadors with promotion, logistics, and incentives, including free registrations! Learn more here.
  4. Outreach - You don’t have to be the only one promoting SEEK! Get a group of invested friends to also spread the word and invite people. Just like FOCUS’s method of spiritual multiplication, you can ask three friends to SEEK and then ask if they would be willing to invite 3 friends to SEEK and so on. It can go a long way!
  5. Personally invite people - We found the most success by talking to a person face to face and giving an invite that catered to their interests. Take time to explain what SEEK is all about and share the testimony of your experience if you've gone before. You can also watch the promo video together! This gives people a chance to visualize SEEK and get excited. Side note: don’t be afraid to ask more than once! Sometimes it takes a few invites for a person to be convinced to go. Be bold, patient, and trusting in God’s work within their heart.
  6. Be genuinely excited Your excitement is key to recruiting people to attend SEEK. If you aren’t enthusiastic, then how will others get excited too? Your positivity can (and will) be contagious!
  7. Hold promo nights for SEEK - Gather together and hold a SEEK Night! Get some delicious snacks and invite those going, those interested in going, and those who simply want to learn more. That night, you can play a past SEEK Keynote Talk on YouTube, give logistical information about the event, and/or share a testimony from someone who has attended before. Make sure to hold it at a convenient time for people. We found that after student masses or group gatherings at your Newman Center works best for attendance!
  8. Advertise - Put up posters in your Newman Center and around campus. If you have a campus Catholic community Facebook page, share videos, photos and information about SEEK to all who follow it. Post on your personal social media accounts to spread the word to all who scroll through their feeds! Who knows--your post could be the small spark that ignites a fire in someone’s heart! Check out these awesome pre-made Promo Graphics as well!
  9. Partner with another non-FOCUS campus – Partnering with another campus can save money on transportation costs as well as aid in meeting new people and discovering more about FOCUS. We traveled with another campus about 30 minutes away, and it proved to be a great logistical decision that not only created relationships with other students but also saved both schools money in transportation.
  10. Pray for open hearts - In the end, only God can move someone to attend SEEK; your job is to invest in them, provide the information, and let God do the rest.

To register for SEEK2019, visit Here are digital resources to utilize for promotion and don’t forget to show potential attendees the SEEK promo video on YouTube!