Every young, Catholic man who loves Jesus Christ and His Church should seriously discern whether God is calling him to be a priest.

That is the simple reason I wrote To Save a Thousand Souls and the reason we created the Melchizedek Project—to give young men the information they need to thoroughly explore the possibility of priesthood. You’re in a primary position to help young men discern their vocations. Think about how powerful that is. You literally can help a man make the most important decision of his life! This has huge ramifications for the Church, for the New Evangelization, and for the salvation of souls.

The most challenging part of the Melchizedek Project is getting young men to join the discernment group. Because priesthood is not well understood, young men often dismiss it right away and are reluctant to join. I often stress that those who participate in the Melchizedek Project do not need to want to become priests. I even tell young men that perhaps in the future, God will call one of their sons to the priesthood, and that they need to be well-equipped to guide their sons. This works amazingly well to relieve any anxiety they may have.

Why is it so important to help men explore the priesthood?

Simply put, because we desperately need more good, holy Catholic priests! As Pope Benedict told us, “Nothing can replace the ministry of priests in the heart of the Church.” Without the priest, we have no Eucharist. Without the Eucharist, we have no Church. I’m so thrilled that the Our Sunday Visitor Institute continues to underwrite this valuable program. Their support has helped hundreds of men complete a “diligent discernment.” And so I invite you to take the initiative to begin a Melchizedek Project discernment group—either led by you, or if possible, by a local priest. Do your best, and trust the Holy Spirit to do the rest! Maybe there is a future priest in your parish or school!

God bless you,
Fr. Brett Brannen

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