FOCUS Blog Contest Winners

We published the top 8 entries, and now the results are in! 

Without further ado, the winners are:

•   3rd place, receiving $250 — SEEKing Joy and Freedom through Infinite Love

•   2nd place, receiving $500 — “He first found his own brother…then he brought him to Jesus”

•   1st place, receiving $1,000 — The Real Language Barrier: What I Learned in Mexico City

We want to thank everyone who entered and give special recognition to the rest of the top 8 entries. I you haven’t read them all yet, you should check them out. 

•   An Extraordinary Easter Celebration

•   Rely on the Troughs

•   The Power of Self-Forgiveness

•   Jesus Christ, My Co-Pilot

•   From Party Girl to Jesus Freak