An Invitation That Could Change Everything

Tears fell from my eyes. I felt like my whole world was turning upside down. So many women surrounded me, probably wondering what the heck was wrong with me. A few days later, a similar, overwhelming emotion ran through my body, and a massive, bright light bulb went off in my mind. In the same room, in San Antonio, Texas, God rocked my world for the second time in just a few days.

God shined light on two really important realms in my life: my mental health and my missionary efforts. I didn’t know how much I needed Him in these areas, until He showed me.

The first experience that rocked me happened during Chrystalina Evert's testimony about seeking out counseling. Her story struck me to the heart. Tears fell in abundance. She invited each woman in the room to realize the benefits of counseling and how it changed her life. I needed to hear that message.

My mental health wasn’t in a good place.  I needed to reach out to someone, but I didn’t, perhaps couldn’t. Until I heard Chrystalina talk about her experience of counseling, I didn't have the courage to share with anyone the things that were stirring in my heart. But God used this moment to show me what I really needed. He knew what I needed better than I did.

Sharing my struggles and fears with someone who could point me in the right direction would become one of the most freeing decisions I'd ever made.

The next overwhelming feeling came over me when I watched Curtis Martin call a former campus missionary onto a stage, in a room full of 12,000 young people. First, he called up the missionary. Then he called up all the girls that missionary had served in discipleship. Next, the girls that those girls served came on the stage. Generation by generation, I saw what God could do with one woman’s “yes.”

I could not believe what I had just experienced.

Being a three-year graduate of college, having a conversion to the Lord in the middle of one of the biggest party schools in the nation, I thought I had my walk with the Lord, my life as a missionary, completely together. Boy, was I wrong.

I started thinking of all the women I was supposed to be serving: sixty-four names came to mind. I could love all sixty-four women better by loving just a few of them really well. Then, I could ask those few to also love a few deeply, until each woman wasn't just involved in a bible study, but was known, loved, and cared for.

This totally transformed my perspective. I couldn’t love all of those women deeply and personally by myself. But, God wasn’t calling me to. He was calling me to love all of them by loving a few, deeply and intentionally.  

I had been struggling with how to live as a missionary for months, and now, at SEEK 2017, God showed me what He was calling me to do. It was exactly what I needed to hear. This led to a transforming time in my ministry, where not just breadth, but depth came into the picture.

God provided me with exactly what I needed at SEEK. He saw me, my heart, my struggles, and through SEEK, allowed me to hear exactly what He wanted to say.

The Lord invited me to SEEK 2017 by name. He knew what I needed. My mental health, my life as a missionary, He knew it all. And, at SEEK, He radically touched those places in my life where I needed Him most. It wasn’t just at another event. At SEEK, God spoke to me personally. He showed me something I didn't even know I needed.

The Lord is calling you by name, too. He wants you there. So please allow me to be his liaison: What would it be like if you came to SEEK? There's something God wants to show you this January, in Indianapolis, at SEEK 2019. What is it? Only God knows. But it is certainly worth it to come and see.

Here's the other kicker, God is calling not only you, but also your friends. He knows their names too.

You know that friend that you kind of talk to about God in passing? Invite them. What about that friend that has really been struggling with the faith and would benefit from inspiring talks with real answers? Invite them. How about that friend that just needs to know they're not alone in the battle for sanctity and sainthood? Invite them. What better way to be lifted up, filled, and drawn closer to God than by four days of inspiring talks surrounded by about 20,000 college students?

God used SEEK as a powerful tool to speak to my heart and change my personal discipleship with the Lord and the people He placed in my life. I'm eternally grateful for that invitation to SEEK. God could use your invitation to change someone's life, too.

The key here is invitation. Invite your friends and accompany them by going together. You don't have to go to SEEK alone and neither do they. So, sign yourself up, then sit down with the friends that I know are on your heart in this moment as you read this blog, and invite them to SEEK 2019. This could be a significant moment with the Lord in your life, theirs, and an experience you share and remember for years to come.   

What would it be like if we all made this "yes" to SEEK 2019 and "yes" to bringing those right in front of us with us?  

You know what they say, saints come in squads. Grab your squad and journey towards sainthood at SEEK 2019. Imagine your college campus starting Spring semester 2019 off with spirit-filled evangelists that just so happened to be you and your squad. God calls you and your friends to SEEK by name, will you say yes?