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We don't know where you're at or where you're coming from. Maybe you've been Catholic your whole life, or maybe not. Perhaps you're eager to get connected, or maybe you're just curious. The truth is, we're open to anyone who wants to ask for prayer or chat about life. Come as you are, with your unique story, and we'll do the same thing.

The best way to get to know FOCUS is to connect with one of our missionaries on campus. Don't hesitate to send one of us a text or an email.

Hailey Liston

Shoot me a text at 515-865-0899515-865-0899 or email [email protected]

Erin Shay

Shoot me a text at 610-716-2332610-716-2332 or email [email protected]

Victor Baez

Shoot me a text at 97282590039728259003 or email [email protected]

Elizabeth Ray

Shoot me a text at 919-745-7317919-745-7317 or email [email protected]

Adam Whelan

Shoot me a text at 32133228333213322833 or email [email protected]

Adrian Alvarado

Shoot me an email at [email protected]

Go on a mission trip

We're all about bringing hope to the world. Whether you have a heart for the local community or you have your eyes set on making a global impact, you can shake up your break by going on an adventure!

Our deepest hungers are not for food and drink, not for amusements and recreations, not for property and wardrobes, not for notoriety and gossip. We hunger for truth, we thirst to drink beauty, we yearn to celebrate, we stretch out to love and be loved. This is why anything less than everything is not enough.

- Father Thomas Dubay

Get involved

You're made for greatness. We need champions for this mission of changing the world one person at a time.

Challenge accepted?