In an effort to evangelize through authentic beauty, our collaborative projects stem from the desire to connect with people in a real, tangible way. Each project began as a simple idea — which, through God’s grace, grew and unfolded in exciting, unexpected ways.

Goal: To create truly beautiful music that inspires others to create, so that more people would encounter Christ through the power of beauty.

Date: October 2015

Location: Buena Vista, Colorado

Who: FOCUS Collective and Papercastle Records

Goal: To give SEEK2017 participants the chance to share their creative gifts as a way for them and others to encounter Christ.

Date: January 2017

Location: San Antonio, Texas

Who: SEEK2017 Participants, Papercastle Records and FOCUS


“Origin” is a response to the call to share the gospel with our entire lives. After personally experiencing how music transforms hearts through an anointed time of worship together at SEEK2015, the FOCUS Collective and Papercastle Records gathered for five days in the mountains of Colorado for a time of prayer and recording.

This collaboration is the first project for “A Beauty Initiative within FOCUS” to explore how beauty can inspire people to know Jesus Christ, Who is the source of all beauty. Our hope is that “Origin” inspires people to create art that allows others to encounter Christ through the power of beauty, as the Church has done through Her rich tradition of promoting the arts.

The songs on this album are often sung at FOCUS events: hymns for the Sacred Liturgy (“O God Beyond All Praising,” “Come Thou Fount,” “Let All Mortal Flesh,” “For the Beauty of the Earth”) and devotional songs for Eucharistic adoration (“Sing My Love,” “Like An Avalanche”). The ablum also includes a new version of the old gospel classic “I’ll Fly Away.” In addition, there are four new songs composed by missionaries within FOCUS: Jessy Kaufman (“Be With Me”), JohnMarch Skoch (“Help My Unbelief”) and Shaun Garrison (“God Alone,” “Consuming Fire”). 

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Origin Chord Charts

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For the Beauty of the Earth 


Come Thou Fount


I'll Fly Away


God Alone


Help My Unbelief


Be with Me


Consuming Fire


Let All Mortal Flesh Keep Silence


Sing My Love/Like an Avalanche


O God Beyond All Praising



“Awaken to the Mystery of Christ” grew from a desire to give participants at SEEK2017 (our national FOCUS conference) a chance to see beauty as a bridge to the Divine. It was also meant to encourage those with creative talent to use their gifts to glorify God and take their unique place in the Church.

Creative college students submitted poetry and visual art for a chance for their work to be showcased at SEEK2017. The exclusive Poetry and Art Wall was on display for the nearly 13,000 conference attendees to view throughout the conference. Student musicians also performed original songs during the “FOCUS on Stage” competition at SEEK2017. The winner was awarded the opportunity to record their song with producer Shawn Williams at Papercastle Records in Nashville, Tennessee.

The three events together featured 132 creative participants, which were chosen from more than 400 submissions.

Congratulations to Mary Anne Muglia (Northern Arizona University), Dominic Smith (Northern Arizona University) and Christian Nuygen (University of Arizona) for winning “FOCUS on Stage”! The recording of their original song will take place in June 2017. Stay tuned for the digital release!

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