Can beauty save the world?

Beauty is for everyone. Beauty causes us to awaken to the deepest desires of our hearts. Beauty stirs in us a sense that we were made for more, that we were made for the infinite God.

Authentic beauty is a place of encounter with Jesus Christ, who is Beauty Himself. By having a relationship with Christ and His Church, we can find fullness of life — now and in eternity.

Our Mission

FOCUS invests in college students and equips them for lifelong Catholic mission through spiritual multiplication. Within FOCUS, we are exploring new means of evangelization through authentic beauty. We want you to join us.

Through study, collaborative projects and creative apprenticeship, we aim to craft a community that inspires artists to take their unique place in the Church and inspires all to live a beautiful life, which is to be a saint.

Whether you’re a scribbler or a sculptor, a composer or a culinary whiz, a designer or a doodler — whether you consider yourself an average Joe or the next da Vinci — we hope you find something here to inspire and equip you on the journey.