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The Fellowship of Catholic University Students. A group of people passionate about changing the world and helping you live a life of purpose. We're on college campuses across the country, so chances are, we're on yours.

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Life is about relationships and sharing experiences. So you'll often find us playing sports, watching movies or going for coffee. Find out how you can get involved with Bible studies, FOCUS Greek and Varsity Catholic and get plugged in.

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We're all about bringing hope to the world. Whether you have a heart for the local community or you have your eyes set on making a global impact, you can shake up your break by going on an adventure!

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McNeese State University

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Murray State University

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Bowling Green University

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University of Mary

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Wayne State College

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University of Colorado

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Towson University

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University of Alabama at Birmingham

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Western Connecticut State University

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Tulane University

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Auburn University

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Franciscan University

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Colorado School of Mines

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Florida Atlantic University

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Western Connecticut State University

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University of Missouri

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University of Wisconsin-Oshkosh

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Western Washington University

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University of Nebraska–Lincoln

Austin Simon

University of Mary

Joseph DiPaolo

 Vanderbilt University

Matthew Balleza

Harvard University

Megan Henle 

University of Nebraska at Kearney

Anna Yurrick

Iowa State University

Kirsten Chapman

Georgia Institute of Technology

Our deepest hungers are not for food and drink, not for amusements and recreations, not for property and wardrobes, not for notoriety and gossip. We hunger for truth, we thirst to drink beauty, we yearn to celebrate, we stretch out to love and be loved. This is why anything less than everything is not enough.

- Father Thomas Dubay

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